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Boltless Rack (Domestic)

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Product Features

Slotted angle (also sometimes referred to as slotted angle iron) is a system of used to construct shelving, frames, work benches, equipment stands and other structures.

The shelves can be adjusted between layers according to your needs.

All the small details have been carefully handled and can be used at ease.

Note: To avoid the rack from toppling over, it is advised that heavy things be placed at the bottom and light items at the top.

Ideal as HDB BTO rack, bomb shelter rack, storeroom rack, office rack, factory rack, warehouse rack, storage rack, industrial rack, plant rack.

Product Specifications

Size: Customized
Example: L4.0′ x W1.5′ x H6.0′ with 4 tier racking will need
– 8pcs of 4.0′ Horizontal Bar for Bolt-less Slotted Angle;
– 8pcs of 1.5′ Horizontal Bar for Bolt-less Slotted Angle;
– 4pcs of Bolt-less Slotted Angle;
– 1set of Angle Fitting for Bolt-less Angle Rack;
– 4pcs of 4.0′ x 1.5′ of MDF Board With 1 Sided Lamination – Washed Oak (which is 4pcs of 6ft = 24ft)
[Please indicated in the remark of the size of which piece of panel required]

* Support Bar for Bolt-less Angle Rack is necessary for each tier in order to provide additional load capacity assistance.

Colour: White


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